Sunday, August 08, 2021

The Jacklights - Drift

Boston melodic punk trio The Jacklights, who delivered the definitive winter single of 2021, send out more summery vibes on their terrific new EP Drift. As always, the band captures the essence of '90s melodic punk and pop-punk in a way that still feels contemporary. Compared to previous Jacklights releases, Drift is a little more polished in the production department. And I mean that in an entirely good way. While Nilagia McCoy's lyrics remain eloquent and thoughtful, the overall feel of this EP is warm and upbeat. Opening track "Beach" is wonderfully bittersweet in a way that only the best pop-punk can be. "Cold Feet" instantly transports me to a 1990s all-ages mosh pit. "Monster Love" is sweet, sad, and deeply human. "Cheap Date" demonstrates how to pull off a grand, romantic song in a totally non-cheesy way. 

Out on Red On Red Records, Drift is highly recommended to anyone who loves punk rock with lots of melody and heart. It's full of passionate, hook-laden tunes that are perfect for warm summer evenings. McCoy, along with bassist Michael Allen and drummer Steve Patton, execute this musical style beautifully. They manage to take influence from bands like The Descendents while still having their own sound. While Drift may stir up teenage or twentysomething memories for many of us, The Jacklights are by no means a band stuck in the past. They genuinely make these old sounds feel new again. In 25 years when I'll be 75 and undoubtedly still writing reviews of punk rock music, I'll hope to hear bands that remind me of The Jacklights! 

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