Sunday, August 15, 2021

The Chelsea Curve - "Drag"

I think I may have found my new personal anthem! Out on Red On Red Records, "Drag" is the fifth in a monthly series of singles by Boston-based power pop/mod/punk trio The Chelsea Curve. It's a song about remaining optimistic when all seems so hopeless and "everything and everyone's at war". That sure sounds familiar! Linda Pardee's lyrics advocate looking to the brighter side of things. That's a position I will wholeheartedly endorse. The hook line to the song astutely points out that "everything is such a drag" -- and you won't find a more bang-on summation of life in 2021. All of the singles in this series have been remarkable, but "Drag" is something special. When that chorus hits, it's absolute magic. And the lyrics knocked me out before I even got through the first verse. If catchy mod-pop with tons of smarts, big hooks, and amazing vocals sounds appealing to you, all of these Chelsea Curve singles are essential downloads. And it's all leading up to what will surely be one of the year's best albums. Next single will be out in ten days!

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