Saturday, August 14, 2021

Alvilda - Négatif

Oh man, here's a band you're all gonna flip over! Alvilda is Nina, Mélanie, Eva, and Sandra. This foursome out of Paris has just released its debut EP on the venerable Alien Snatch Records. Négatif features four tracks of classic style power pop with '60s pop and girl group influences. I love the perfect simplicity of this release: each song is a one-word title and clocks in somewhere between two and two-and-half minutes. From the melodies to the harmonies to the hooks to the energy of the music, this EP delivers everything you could want from power pop. Even if you don't know a single word of French, Négatif is sure to have you dancing around the house and humming along in no time flat. Pop music doesn't get much catchier than this! For its first 7" release in a few years, Alien Snatch sure picked a good one. Snag a copy while you still can! 

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