Monday, November 25, 2019

Les Breastfeeders - "Trois Nuits de Chien"

How about another ripper of a single from Les Breastfeeders! It was just seven months ago that I posted on the Montreal band's first new record in eight years, "Ma Mort D'avant Ma Mort". Les Breastfeeders have quickly followed with another single on Blow the Fuse Records. "Trois Nuits de Chien" is a top-notch psychedelic leaning garage rocker that combines a wild '60s punk energy with some more nuanced musical touches (e.g. mellotron, harmonica, haunting vocal harmonies). Compared to "Ma Mort D'avant Ma Mort", this might be even more of a vintage Les Breastfeeders sound. It's definitely psychedelic rock and roll with the emphasis on the rock and roll - which is exactly the way I like it! I especially like the passion and intensity in the lead vocal. On the B-side, the band pays homage to Quebec's own '60s garage/yé-yé standouts Les Hou-Lops with a cover of their 1967 raver "J'etudie Mon Grec". To put it lightly, Les Breastfeeders' version is quite spirited! This song makes me wanna dance around the house until I'm dizzy. Of course I highly recommend the original as well. Les Breastfeeders capture the same spirit but definitely infuse some modern-day garage rock gusto.

Coming off a strong showing with "Ma Mort D'avant Ma Mort", Les Breastfeeders have kicked it up a notch with "Trois Nuits de Chien". I tend to prefer my garage rock in these smaller doses, and this smokin' pair of tunes really hits the spot. A damn fine single! 


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