Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ceremoney - The Reaction

Alright, power pop fans. I've got a real treat for you today! Ceremoney hail from Palma, Spain but sound like they just stepped out of England or Northern Ireland circa 1979! The band's new EP The Reaction has been released by the Spanish label Cero en Conducta Records. Don't let the cover art fool you. The sound here is classic power pop riding the edges of mod-punk and new wave. The label cites bands such Strangeways, Starjets, and The Letters for comparison, and I definitely agree. There's a great punky energy to these four tracks, but melody and quality songwriting are always at the forefront. "Five Years" reminds me a little of The Vapors, while "Little Norway" is skinny tie power pop by way of the British Invasion. The label guy Pepe told me, "The first time I listened to these songs, I couldn't believe it." And I know exactly what he means! I am so excited to have discovered this band, and I imagine many of you will feel the same way. My love affair with Spanish rock and roll continues!


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