Friday, August 04, 2017

Thee Evil Twin - self titled 7"

How about some real deal punk rock n' roll?! Thee Evil Twin is the latest band from Adam Caine of Radio Reelers fame. Now wreaking havoc in Sydney, Australia, Adam is back in the saddle and heading up this red-hot trio. The band's second 7" is out on No Front Teeth Records and fully reignites the rip-roaring garage/punk/rock n' roll action of the Radio Reelers, Trust Fund Babies, The Shrinks, etc. "MFers All" is every bit the sing-along anthem you'd expect based on the title, and "Howlin'" is a jolt of energy strong enough to keep you wired for hours. To bring it all home, "Don't Wanna See Your Band" is the snotty garage punk smash you've been craving. Without spoiling it for you, I'll just say that most of you will really relate to this one!

With this new EP from Thee Evil Twin, you get exactly what you'd expect from an Adam Caine fronted band: three rockin' tunes that hit you quick and leave you wanting more. This is right up there with the best releases from any of Caine's previous bands. It really takes me back to the late '90s/early 2000s glory days of Bay Area garage punk. Digital tracks are available from the band directly, and No Front Teeth has two versions of the vinyl for sale. Grab a copy while you still can!


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Anonymous said...

No Front Teeth is killin' it! Just discovered these guys through this blog after searching for new bands in the '90s punk/garage vein. Evil Twin, Phone Jerks, Suicide Generation - great to see a comeback with these sounds