Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meet The Reverberations!

Boy, do I ever have a great track to close out the month! Formerly the bass player in The Cry!, Dave Berkham has teamed up with John Jenne (Sundaze, White Swans), Ian Bixby (Go Fever, Errata Note), and Cameron Mazzia (Midnight Callers) to form The Reverberations. If you're familiar with Berkham's contributions to The Cry! ("Forget It", "Same Old Story"), you won't be surprised by the '60s garage & 'beat direction of The Reverberations. So far the Portland foursome has released one song - a digital single called "The Way I Want You". Berkham comes off like the second coming of Paul McCartney on this lovely little jangler - which was appropriately issued on Valentine's Day. If you told me this was some little-known regional hit from the mid-'60s, I'd have no reason to doubt you! Berkham has a keen ear for melody and an appealing singing voice to boot. If you're a British Invasion enthusiast or dig newer bands like The Connection, this might be the best dollar you spend all year. Look for a debut 7" coming out this summer on Hidden Volume Records and KOTJ Records!



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Anonymous said...

Dave is a real talent! His contributions to the CRY! go well beyond the two songs he penned for releases. I look forward to hearing more form this band...