Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A sweet deal from Rum Bar Records!

In the course of sharing music I love with the world, I often have the privilege of promoting some amazing record labels. Independent labels are the lifeblood of our scene. They put music into the world for the sheer love of it - often taking a financial loss in the process. One of my favorite labels out there is the Boston-based Rum Bar Records - run by Malibu Lou (ex Melted Records). I may be a beer man, but I do enjoy a Captain & Coke from time to time. Before I had any personal contact with Lou, I had reviewed a number of his releases (The Connection, Kurt Baker, Muck & The Mires). I think Lou and I share a passion for a certain slice of underground music (garage/rock n' roll/power pop), and I'm humbled that he's been so appreciative of reviews I've recently given to bands like Watts and Los Breakdowns. I think Lou puts out awesome music. And just as importantly, he's a true fan. He's completely psyched about every band he works with. I was honored when he approached me with the idea of creating a new Rum Bar top shelf deal that would have my name attached to it. So here goes: from now until March 31st, you can get 20% off the purchase of all Rum Bar titles at Bandcamp simply by entering the code rutledge20 at checkout. If you've always wanted to buy, say The Connection's Let It Rock on splatter color vinyl or the CD version of Kurt Baker's Brand New B-Sides, now would be the time to do it! Head on over to Bandcamp for the complete catalog of Rum Bar titles, and feel free to spread the word. For more information about this outstanding label, be sure to check out this interview with Malibu Lou that was posted last week on the excellent Ratboy '69 blog!


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