Monday, December 15, 2014

New album from Spastic Hearts!

Sometimes everything you need to know about an album is revealed in its title. No Girls No Fun is the second album from Youngstown, Ohio's Spastic Hearts (ex Johnie 3, The Hi-Life). And of course it's full of songs about girls and fun! Out now on Jolly Ronnie and Swamp Cabbage Records, No Girls No Fun is relentlessly upbeat and loaded to the brim with highly infectious melodies. The sound is textbook pop-punk informed by late '50s/early '60s rock n' roll - with slick production that plays up all those stacked harmonies and melodic guitar leads. I get that some people just aren't pop-punk fans. But listening to Spastic Hearts, it's hard for me to fathom anyone not loving this band! They're just fun! These folks tear into these songs with boundless energy and unbridled enthusiasm. And with major nods to The Ramones and more recent greats like Teen Idols, they remind us that pop-punk done well is one of the purest forms of rock n' roll. No Girls No Fun is your soundtrack to joyous nights of dancing and romancing. And much like that Bat Bites album I reviewed a few weeks back, it speaks to the soul of the true pop-punk fan - that individual who still believes in love even in these most cynical times. Surely Spastic Hearts are the kind of band that can put a huge smile on the face of even the grumpiest live show attendee. They have a way of winning you over. And without a doubt, that same energy comes across on record. These 12 catchy tracks will get your toes tapping, your head bobbing, and your heart racing. Whether you're en route to a rendezvous with your sweetheart or heading out in hopes of meeting that special someone, blast this album loud and seize the moment!


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dave p said...

only given this a couple spins but gotta be honest i'm a bit dissapointed after the debut.sounds like a great pop punk album but the 1st one had a great rock n roll edge to it (or perhaps just better songs).this sounds more straight punk pop.been really lookin forward to it,im sure it'll grow on me.maybe im just to fussy these days!by the way love the blog & visit daily