Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, The Shanghais!

You know how I called this the summer of power pop? I wasn't kidding! And not all of it is coming from Canada! The Shanghais hail from Oakland, California and make perfect summertime power pop rock n' roll! With a new 7" out on No Rules Records plus another one out today on the great Italian label Surfin' Ki, The Shanghais ought to be ruling the turntable at your backyard barbeques and pool parties all summer long. And if your friends don't appreciate such fine music, get some new friends!

The Shanghais' sound is classic bubblegum punk informed by '60s girl groups and the Ramones by way of the Beach Boys. Yeah, I know that sounds awesome! On lead vocals, the talented Natalie Sweet brings the ideal blend of exuberance and spunk. And musically, the Shanghais are high energy and pure fun all the way! What's not to love? Combining minimalist production with high spirited harmonies and a veritable sugar rush of melodies, the still-new "Pretty Mean" EP will delight fans of Nikki and the Corvettes, Super*Teem era Donnas, and early Bobbyteens. Your summer 2014 playlist better include "Missed Connection" - otherwise it sucks! And as the video for "Sick Of You" (see below) indicates, the Shanghais have even better things in store for us with their second single! Check out their Bandcamp page for free streams of both EPs along with super smash bonus track "Too Cool To Cry". And check in with Surfin' Ki Records for ordering info on the very limited "Sick Of You" vinyl. Woo hoo! I just might have a new favorite band!



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elwood said...

not to mention it looks like pookie poodle playing base. cant go wrong there