Friday, February 07, 2014

Ricky Rat is back!

The legendary Ricky Rat is back with his second solo single - and it's a glitterbomb smash! The ex Trash Brat guitarist, last heard from a couple years ago when he delivered his outstanding debut solo album Songs In C Major Love, has recorded a couple of tunes he co-wrote with the great Dimitri Monroe. To call this single a "double A-side" somehow seems insufficient. It's more like a double A-plus side! These are the best tunes I've heard from Mr. Rat in years, and they're both anthems of glam/punk/power pop/rock n' roll! 

"Tokyo Pop" starts things off with a bang. It's a celebration of youth and fun and the way great rock n' roll transports us to a place where our troubles cease to exist. Those guitar licks are catchier than the clap, and I can only hope that that chorus ("Everyone's doin' the Tokyo pop/Even after the music stops") will spread like an epidemic and bring joy to the entire planet. "Glitter People" opens with a bubblegum glam guitar hook straight out of 1973 and rings with echoes of Hanoi Rocks and Gen X pop/punk goodness (plus a dash of Thin Lizzy). Give it one listen, and it'll be stuck in your head all day. Which song's "the hit" here? I don't know - flip a coin!

Vinyl junkies can look forward to a limited release (300 copies) of this hit single on New Fortune Records. And you can make a digital purchase right now over at Ricky's Bandcamp page. If somehow you've never heard Ricky Rat or the Trash Brats before, this ain't a bad place to start! With so many newer bands today mixing powerpop/punk and T.Rex/Sweet glam stylings, perhaps the climate is right for a Ricky Rat world takeover!


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Lord Rutledge said...

Detroit peeps, don't miss the Trash Brats reunion show April 12th at Small's!