Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thee Mighty Fevers V. The Morebeats!

A little less than a year ago, I posted for the first time on Thee Mighty Fevers - the latest in a long line of incredible garage punk bands from Japan. Well, the boys from Kobe are back! And they have found kindred spirits in Italy's Morbeats. The two bands have teamed up for a split 7" out on the Italian label One Chord Wonder, and of course it will blow your head off! If you find yourself longing for the mid-'90s glory days of raw and wild garage punk, Weird Affairs And Teengeneration Accidents ought to have you jumping for joy and howling in delight. Both bands tear into some fast and frenzied lo-fi rock n' roll that literally explodes from your speakers and headphones. Thee Mighty Fevers build on the momentum of their fantastic debut album with the fuzzed-out and ferocious "Emotion Fire". It sounds like they're trying to obliterate any obstacle in sight just through the sheer force of their music! I always love a band that sounds like it might have collapsed from exhuastion if the song had run one second longer. Marty can scream with the best of 'em, and Tommy's guitar soloing is glorious, earsplitting filth. The band also whips through a blistering rendition of "That's Alright Mama" - Elvis Presley's first single! This was arguably the first rock n' roll single ever, and 60 years later we still have bands like Thee Mighty Fevers keeping that original spirit alive while taking it to extremes that would have been unfathomable in 1954. Not since the Registrators circa Terminal Boredom have we heard a band quite like this. If you have yet to experience the sonic firestorm that is Thee Mighty Fevers, go stream their album and crank the volume until the windows shake! If you are unmoved by such savage racket, surely your soul has died.

Turning to The Morbeats' side of the record, there's not much of a drop-off. They power through an original number called "Little Robota", which rips a la Teengenerate or a super lo-fi Devil Dogs. I love the rawness and pure rock n' roll energy. The drummer sounds like he's banging on trash cans! If songs about girls are cool and songs about robots are cooler, then songs about girl robots are the coolest. "Sex Cow" is a cover of one of Teengenerate's best singles, and it ain't bad! I definitely wanna hear more from these guys.

A time machine trip back to the heyday of Rip Off and Crypt Records would cost you a fortune. Weird Affairs And Teengeneration Accidents is just as fun - and will get you there at a fraction of the price! Dig in!


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