Friday, December 13, 2013

A new M.O.T.O. single!

I can't tell you exactly how many 7-inches the legendary M.O.T.O. has released, but it's got to be somewhere north of 25. And I can't claim to have heard all of them. But the newest has got to be one of the band's best ever. Obviously, I've never heard a M.O.T.O. release that wasn't completely awesome. But if you're a M.O.T.O. fan, I'm betting that you'll agree that "Shitty Kids" rules especially hard. On this release, the king of garage powerpop/punk is backed by his formidable Pittsburgh based touring band of recent years. Not only is the sound ballsier and less lo-fi than you might anticipate, but "Shitty Kids" is also one the catchiest M.O.T.O. tunes of recent memory. And that's saying something! That chorus is a powerhouse! Those who enjoy Paul's signature curmudgeonly sense of humor will find this song very much to their liking. Ditto for the tender love ballad "I Think Of You And I Die" (which, no pun intended, has lead guitar hooks to die for). On the B-side, "Guitars Are Like Clothes" is more in the jangly power pop vein. It is, of course, a total earworm. You see a song title like that and expect a lot given Mr. Caporino's knack for clever and funny lyrics. And of course he delivers! If there's ever an official M.O.T.O. best-of set (it'll have to be a quadruple album at least!), this song will surely be on it! 

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Secret Mission Records. In addition to issuing "Shitty Kids", the label has hot new singles from The Raydios and The Kidnappers that you've absolutely gotta have. And with future releases from Radioactivity, Cozy, Firestarter, Back to Basics, Banda Muerta, Modern Pets, Rudi, The Gimmies, and Mighty Fevers in the works, S.M.R. is looking like the next great punk label. Like 'em on Facebook! And get this M.O.T.O. record before it's gone for good!


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bmo said...

fantastic, as always. Really fun band to see live, too.