Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Meet Afterpartees!

How about a Christmas treat? Afterpartees are a fairly new band out of The Netherlands, and they've come through with a classic late '70s power pop sound on their fine debut single. With its lovelorn overtones and lead guitar hooks that never quit, "First/Last" is everything a power pop song should be. I'm telling you, it's a hit! For some reason, it reminds me of Stiv Bators covering The Choir back in the day. And for sure, it fits right in with recent issues from other European punk/powerpop standouts like The #1s and Protokids. B-side cut "That's What You Said" follows a slightly different style - slowing things down with some melancholic '60 garage jangle. Exceeding the four minute mark, this one's more of a grower. But I like it! All in all, Afterpartees show promise and versatility on their debut release, and I imagine you'll be reading about this band many more times here on F & L! For now, listen and enjoy!


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