Monday, December 16, 2013

Missing Monuments have a blast!

One of my favorite bands puts out a new EP, and I didn't know about it several months in advance? Man, I've been slipping! Perhaps it's because the Missing Monuments Facebook page has gone, uh, missing. "Blast!" is the third 7" from Missing Monuments, and it's gooooood! It makes a perfect companion piece for the New Orleans foursome's latest LP. It's odd that I'm such a pop guy yet totally prefer the more rockin' direction that Missing Monuments have been taking lately. I just like the way the band has found a distinct sound over the years. There's no other group that sounds quite like 'em. If you're like me and think the band's new album is even better than its first one, you'll really enjoy this new EP on Slovenly Recordings. The title track - a grungy southern/blues rocker- would have fit right in on the Dirtnap LP. It's a blast indeed! "Ghost HWY" is something different from Missing Monuments - jangly and vaguely Western-ish. It's cool. And "Covered In Ice" closes things out in the gritty power pop style that Louie is so well known for. It's got really neat guitar hooks and a nice driving beat that suggests The Real Kids on a Popeye's & Abita beer bender. For sure, it's the "hit". But I like all three tracks. And if there's one thing you can definitely say about the last couple of Missing Monuments EPs, it's that they've offered a lot of variety. There's something on this record for everyone - or at least everyone with the fine taste to like Missing Monuments. Dig in!


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