Sunday, December 01, 2013

The No Tomorrow Boys rock it again!

Holy smokes! The long-awaited debut LP from The No Tomorrow Boys is an absolute ripper! Coming on the heels of three incredible singles, Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On Me was an album I figured would be great. I just didn't realize it would be this great! Without veering in the slightest from their trademark "wild and frantic teenage rock n' roll" style, the boys have turned out their hottest slab of wax to date! From start to finish, this is an exhilarating rock n' roll record that begs to be played loud and thoroughly enjoyed. Seriously: if this album doesn't make you want to jump up and down and dance around your room like a total maniac, you probably own the new One Direction. 

The No Tomorrow Boys continue to do their thing: a punked-up take on roots rock n' roll that will light your ass on fire! They tear through 14 tracks here with such abandon that I could swear they all got hopped up on Jolt Cola and recorded this thing in a single afternoon. Like all the best rock n' roll bands, The No Tomorrow Boys focus on the true essentials: a killer beat, sizzling guitar playing, and bad-ass lead vocals. Singer Danny Dodge is as good as any rock n' roll vocalist working today, howling every note as if his life depended on it and summoning the soul-on-fire ferocity of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis when they were young and wild. This kind of music, because it makes such an ideal soundtrack for exceeding the speed limit in a motor vehicle or engaging in sinful sexual relations, really benefits from the long playing format. You can put this record on and count on it energizing whatever activity you're involved in for nearly a half hour (or 15 minutes if you have to flip the vinyl). And let me tell you: the action never lulls. It's full-on rip-roaring fun from wire to wire. The effort the band has been putting into writing new material is really apparent in the consistent quality of the songs. Unless you're a rock n' roll historian of the highest order, you probably won't be able to differentiate the originals from the covers (The Bobby Peterson Quintet's firecracker B-side "Mama Get Your Hammer" and Mike Fern's 1959 ode to doomsday shagging, "A-Bomb Bop"). The covers are amazing, but tracks like "Rosie Rose", "I Wanna Lot (Not A Little)", and "Teen Dream" are every bit as good. And because you've been good this year, the boys have been gracious enough to also reprise a couple of their finest A-sides! Hot dog!

I still suspect that The No Tomorrow Boys may be time traveling teen rebels from the '50s who got their hands on some classic punk records and arrived in the present day with the intention of stealing our women. Someone check the tags on their leather jackets! There's not a single track on this LP that would sound out of place on a mix with the likes of Link Wray and Eddie Cochran. The only thing that's not completely period authentic about the album is that it's totally devoid of filler! It even sounds like it was recorded in an oldtime music studio. Whether you're 77, 17, or any age in between, you gotta have this record if you love rock n' roll! 


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