Thursday, December 26, 2013

Introducing Chain Letters!

It's my final review of 2013, and boy do I ever have a good one for you! Chain Letters are based in Toronto and L.A. (hope they have a teleporter!). The band is Sophia Dilley (ex Young People With Faces, one of my all-time faves) on vocals, Chris Parker on guitar, Johnny Bubblegum (ex Tyranna) on bass, and Violet X on drums. Citing the likes of the Go-Gos, Pointed Sticks, and Zeros as primary influences and espousing a love for late '90s lo-fi greats like Loli and the Chones, the High School Rockers, and early Donnas, Chain Letters seem like the kind of band I would totally freak out over. And trust me, there has been much freaking out at Rutledge Manor in recent days! I'm currently recovering from my injuries and apologizing to the neighbors.

You just have to love a band that tells you it wants to sound "like Ellie Greenwich writing for the Avengers in your garage". "Bad Reflection", Chain Letters' debut single on Pogo Time Records, has nearly sold out of an entire pressing of 300 copies. And with good reason - it rocks! The title track is first-rate punky powerpop with ballsy guitars and a tough melodic vocal from the always dependable Ms. Dilley. B-side "Boulevard Girls" eases off the tempo a tad and summons the ghosts of Dangerhouse past. Sometimes with music of this style, it's way more pop than punk. But Chain Letters' hook-driven sound has a garage meets early L.A. punk edge to it, and the recording is the perfect kind of raw. Fans of everyone from Midnite Snaxxx to Neighborhood Brats to Big Eyes will approve. If you desire a vinyl copy of "Bad Reflection", I'd encourage you to act very fast! Or if you're digitally inclined like me, check out Chain Letters on Soundcloud and like 'em on Facebook! I can't wait to hear more!


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