Friday, August 21, 2020

Gallows Birds - "My Lambretta"

Hot new single alert! Arriving in advance of the forthcoming Rum Bar Records release Quaranteenage Kicks, "My Lambretta" is the second single from North Carolina's Gallows Birds. You may know guitarist Travis Woods as head dude at the most excellent Eccentric Pop Records. On their debut 7" from last year, Gallows Birds proved that poppy punk rock could totally kick ass. "My Lambretta" features more of a power pop rock and roll sound. Back when this project was still in the "top secret" stages, Malibu Lou sent me this track and was wondering if I could guess who the songwriter was. I only knew because I looked it up! On first listen, my guess was actually that Gallows Birds had a Boston connection! "My Lambretta" brings to mind the Real Kids or Dogmatics by way of the early Beach Boys. It was recorded under quarantine and inspired by a longing for fun times at the beach. If it doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know if anything will. The "B-side" is an awesome cover of Graham Parker's "Local Girls". If you don't know the original, please be advised that Squeezing Out Sparks is the best album ever made!

It seems to me that Gallows Birds have a very bright future in the power pop/punk/rock and roll universe. "My Lambretta" could not be any more perfect of a summertime pop song. We all know that this has not been the summer anyone wanted. But there will be magical summers returning eventually, and you know our playlists will be ready! For now, you can still crank this song while you drive the motor vehicle of your choice in solitude and enjoy what's left of the warm weather. Be on the lookout for Quaranteenage Kicks due out this fall!


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