Sunday, August 23, 2020

Hellebores - Hellemenopee

Sydney-based Hellebores give me an '80s/'90s melodic punk vibe on their debut album  Hellemenopee. That makes a whole lot of sense considering that Gina and Glenno from Lawnsmell share vocal duties. Also on board are Jonny T from Chinese Burns Unit and Evan from Amateur Drunks, Obat Batuk, etc. Originally recorded as demos, the 18 tracks comprising Hellemenopee were too good to not be an album. Stamp Out Disco has released the LP, which is limited to 250 copies (50 on red). If you like raw, catchy punk songs with a ton of energy, Hellebores ought to be right up your alley. Call this pop-punk if you like, but be aware that it's just as much punk as it is pop. I can hear the influence of everything from the Fastbacks to Husker Du to good old Aussie punk. This record just makes me smile, and it kind of reminds me of a demo tape I would have totally flipped over back in the '90s. What a fun band. Vinyl available from Stamp Out Disco's Bandcamp!


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