Friday, January 26, 2018

Ruler - "Tiger" b/w "Gimme Some Noise"

Alright, I've got one for you today that's gonna blow your head off! Fink from Teengenerate is back with a new band called Ruler. If you were bummed that The Raydios broke up in the midst of a phenomenal string of singles, this debut 45 from Ruler will get you right back to your happy place. Fink is joined here by Azumi (The Young Ones/Raydios), Rayco (Triple Junk), and Otoya (Intimate Fags). Ruler sounds just like a band with that kind of lineup ought to sound: freaking awesome! There are no surprises here, just great '70s style punk with buzzsaw guitars and killer hooks. These two songs beg to be played over and over at the highest possible volume. Just look at that cover art. Doesn't that totally make you want to own this record? There are only 200 copies available in the United States, so you know what to do!


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