Friday, January 12, 2018

Bikini Cops - Three

Drunken Sailor Records just can't stop firing out the hits! At the rate it's going, this label will eventually sign every great punk band on the planet! As if the new Booji Boys record wasn't already enough, the latest release from Perth's Bikini Cops will give you an ear-ramming you won't soon forget. Three is the band's third EP, and it comes at you with six quick hits of fast and ferocious punk rock that beg to be played at wall-shaking volume levels. There are no doubt hints of the Aussie punk tradition in these blazing tracks. But first and foremost I'm catching the influence of early Black Flag. The band brings it hard and furiously, with five of six songs not even coming close to the two-minute mark. I dig hearing a band that plays like it's intent on destroying anything and everything in its path. Combine that with a singer who yells every word like he really means it, and you've got yourself some essential hardcore punk. Ya gotta love it!


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