Monday, June 26, 2017

New Pale Lips single!

With Pale Lips being way high up there on my list of current favorite bands, it's hardly a surprise that I'm touting the Montreal foursome's new 7" as possible single of the year. But while Pale Lips could have put just about any two songs on a record and received a ringing endorsement from yours truly, I really have to say they've outdone themselves with their new 45 Should've Known Better. You won't find a more fun pair of tunes ever. The phrase "double A side" is usually such steaming BS that I'm almost embarrassed to type it. But if you can spin Should've Known Better and determine with 100% certitude which song is the "hit", you've got a better ear than I. "Don't Take Your Switchblade To Your New York" is wonderful life advice and a good rockin' tune to boot. If there's one thing that tends to put Pale Lips just a little bit ahead of some of the world's similarly-minded poppy punk rock ' roll groups, it would have to be the cleverness and humor of their lyrics. "Switchblade" is a perfect case in point. You won't be able to resist singing along with this one, and it'll have you tapping your toes for sure. On the flip, "Old Flame" steps up the pace a little and plays to one of Pale Lips' lyrical strengths: making fun of dumb boys who think they're such hot shit. Here the old flame gets burned bad! 50% of the time, I find myself insisting that this song should have been the A-side. The other half of the time, I give "Switchblade" the slight edge. I just can't make up my mind! I would imagine that both songs are big crowd favorites at live shows, and those of you in Europe can find out for yourselves if you catch the band on tour in July! The vinyl (featuring amazing artwork by Spencer Alexander!) will be out July 4th on Surfin' Ki Records in Europe and Resurrection Records in the States. Digital version is available now!


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