Tuesday, June 07, 2016

More from Vista Blue!

What is it about pop-punk and baseball? I think it's because pop-punk is one of our purest forms of rock n' roll. And baseball and rock n' roll just seem to go together. Summer would not be summer without baseball and rock n' roll. And with its grand traditions, rich cast of characters, and never-ending on the field drama, baseball provides a limitless supply of songwriting topics.

What strikes me about the baseball/pop-punk connection is that the music is always really good. We're not talking about novelty acts. The likes of The Ueckers and Isotopes would be great bands regardless of what they were singing about. And you know Vista Blue is a band I've been really excited about lately. While not technically a "baseball band", Vista Blue has just released its 4th baseball-themed EP. Pray For Rain features songwriting contributions from Jeremy and Brandon of The Ueckers on a couple tracks, and its release coincides perfectly with that time of the year when baseball completely takes over the sports world. "Striking Out With You" explores the numerous parallels between trying to score on the field and trying to score with the ladies. "We're Gonna Homer (Off of Homer Bailey)" ponders the absurdity of a guy with a 4.19 career ERA commanding a salary of over $17 million a year. "Somebody Put Something In My Gatorade" just might explain the Phillies' dismal play of late. And "Davey Got Drafted" is a genuinely touching story written from the point of view of a star player's less talented buddy. Musically this is vintage Vista Blue: harmony-laden pop-punk with a touch of Weezer-ish power pop. It just doesn't get any catchier than this. I suppose that liking baseball is a prerequisite for owning this EP, but you never know. This is the kind of record that could turn a pop-punk fan into a baseball fan - or turn a baseball fan into a pop-punk fan! Coming soon will be a 20-song CD compilation of all of Vista Blue's baseball-themed EPs. In the meantime, digital downloads of all four EPs are free from Vista Blue's Bandcamp!



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