Monday, June 13, 2016

Meet McLovings!

I am somewhat embarrassed that this is the first time I'm writing about McLovings. In preparation for a review of the band's newest release, I discovered that these Spanish power poppers already put out a totally fantastic EP at the beginning of 2015! Seriously: where have I been for the last year-and-a-half?! And now McLovings are back with a new EP called Deluxe - which is a free download over at their Bandcamp. If you try and Google search this band, all you'll get are results on the Superbad character McLovin. I can't even find a Facebook page. But let me tell you, the music speaks for itself! McLovings play classic power pop rooted in good old rock n' roll. "Break My Heart" is a great catchy rocker to get things started, and then "Dreamy Girl" will have the ladies swooning with its wistful melodies. For a strong finish, "She Never Answers (When I Call)" and "Do You Remember?" are the perfect songs to get you dancing, singing along, and enjoying the heck out of life. Let's hear it for music that makes us happy! There's just something about these European power pop bands where you can tell that you'd have an incredible time if you went to see them play live. And that's definitely the case with McLovings. I love their energy, and the hooks on this record just can't be denied. The keyboards are a great touch as well! If you're a huge power pop fan like me, you need both McLovings EPs in your digital collection. Did I mention that they're free?!


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