Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vicious Dreams: the debut EP!

When was the last time I reviewed a band from Florida? It has been a while! I'm thinking my first post on Vicious Dreams will definitely not be my last. With a lineup that includes current and ex-members of Caffiends and The Tuff Looks, this Orlando foursome is just eight months removed from its very first show. In an incredibly short time, the band has produced a debut 7" EP that is out now on three different labels: Swamp Cabbage, Hovercraft, and the mighty No Front Teeth Records. The record is called Somethin' Vicious, and it arrives in conjunction with an 18-date tour of the East Coast and Midwest kicking off this coming Friday night. What I like about Vicious Dreams is that this is a band I can recommend to anyone who likes punk rock. I could see the group playing shows with power pop and hardcore bands alike and fitting in with both. Somethin' Vicious is full of hard-hitting melodic punk featuring the vocal stylings of Amanda Little. The A-side tunes are a little on the snappier side ("Outta Luck" reminds me quite a bit of Tilt), while the B-side tracks slow the pace considerably and find the band getting more inventive with its songwriting. I can hear a number of different influences at play, and it all comes together with a ton of energy and good catchy tunes. All in all, this is a highly promising debut. If you like what you hear, check out the band's upcoming tour dates and consider catching a live show. You can order the 7" now from Swamp Cabbage Records in the States and No Front Teeth in the U.K.!


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