Friday, January 10, 2014

The Solicitors are back!

As promised, The Solicitors have returned with the second half of their double A-side single from this past fall. And it goes without saying that it's another smash! While very much in the band's familiar new wave power pop style, "Help Me Forget" slows down the pace a tad and charms with gorgeous plaintive melodies. This time out, Lee's lyrics are a little less sardonic than usual - but as clever and relatable as always. So many of the great pop songs are first-person accounts of excruciating heartbreak, and this one's very much in that tradition. And I love how the song ambles along witsfully but then suddenly hits you with a knockout punch of a chorus. Talk about a hook! This Melbourne foursome continues to do power pop right. Even on this semi-ballad, the guitars pack plenty of punch. And if you enjoyed the Elvis Costello/Jags feel of the band's earlier hits, "Help Me Forget" will be totally to your liking as well! It releases today and is available as a free download over at the band's triple j Unearthed page. I have not been able to get this song out of my head all week - and for that I am grateful! Look for The Solicitors' debut album later this year!


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