Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vista Blue - "Why Doesn't Jimmy Wanna Play?"

Here we are at that time of year where we can always expect a new baseball-themed release from Vista Blue. Well VB does indeed have something special coming for you baseball fans next week. But in addition to that, the band has released what I believe is its first-ever basketball-themed song to commemorate March Madness. Hard to believe that by the end of the day tomorrow, we'll be down to the Final Four! Especially with my team still in the mix after a formidable test last night, there's little doubt that I will be spending much of this weekend glued to the couch watching basketball. If you too are pumped for some college hoops, Vista Blue's new Hoosiers inspired track "Why Doesn't Jimmy Wanna Play?" ought to hit the spot while you're pre-gaming. Often this band teeters on either side of pop-punk and power pop, but with this track VB is fully in pop-punk territory. The guitars are cranked way up, and there's probably something physically wrong with you if you're not tapping your toes within ten seconds. When those backing vocals come in towards the end of the track, there's just no mistaking which band you're listening to. This is a top-notch Vista Blue tune that every pop-punk fan will want to own. For the very reasonable price of free, you can download it and make it part of your Elite Eight festivities. Go Nova!


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