Monday, March 12, 2018

SUZES - "Resuscitate"

One of the best and most overlooked albums of last year was the full-length debut from Düsseldorf-based pop trio SUZES. Lee Jones (ex Solicitors) has been one of my favorite songwriters for a number of years, and his work with his latest band is some of his strongest to date. Available now via Bandcamp is a brand new single from SUZES. Again Jones demonstrates a flair for exceptionally clever lyrics and radio-worthy hooks. Just as importantly, I love how these two tracks really highlight the talents of rhythm players Roman & Tomo. This is a band clicking on all cylinders, and you would probably have to go back in time 35 years to hear new wave pop done better than this!

"Resuscitate" would be a massive hit if rock radio were actually worth a damn. When that hook comes in, it's absolute magic. The bitter breakup song is something of a Lee Jones specialty, and this one is up there with his very best. It's definitely worth paying close attention to the words. "I've lost all the feeling in my heart" is a line for the ages, and it's just one of many gems in this song. If Elvis Costello and Weezer made a baby, it would sound like "Resuscitate"! "Surplus To Requirements" is another brilliant pop number that could probably be described as sounding like "classic alternative". It definitely has me recalling black-clad days of yore listening to The Cure and New Order, but still with a lot of those Lee Jones songwriting signatures. It's a cool, crisp tune that nicely balances quality hooks with some nifty playing. I could listen to that guitar solo all day!

If you're a new wave/power pop person and are not yet hip to SUZES, this is a band you really need to check out! I highly recommend both the album Fragile Development and this brand new single as additions to your digital music collection. Be warned, though. Once "Resuscitate" gets stuck in your head, it's staying there!


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