Saturday, June 23, 2018

Brad Marino - Four Track Attack

I've been teasing it for a while, and now it's finally here! Out on Beluga Records, Four Track Attack is the debut solo release from Connection singer/guitarist Brad Marino. Naturally I was enthused to receive new music from one of my favorite singers. And the bonus is that two of these songs were contributed by New Trocaderos songwriter Michael Chaney! 

Four Track Attack is a solo effort in the truest sense: all instruments and vocals are by Brad Marino. With Marino breaking out on his own for this EP, there was always the possibility of him doing something way different from The Connection. I would have been perfectly okay with that, but at least on this release Marino is keeping it in his wheelhouse. If you've loved all of the Connection and New Trocaderos records, you'll love Four Track Attack as well. "Should've Known" hits that sweet spot where power pop intersects with good old rock n' roll. It's got it all: a great hook in the chorus, stellar backing vocals (imagine: an army of Brad Marinos!), and a fade-out ending tailor made for radio. Chaney wrote "Hey Girl" especially for this project, so it's no surprise that this Stonesy number suits Marino's talents so well. Marino absolutely rips it on guitar - recalling Keith Richards AND Mick Taylor all at once! Lyrics about a fellow finally giving the heave-ho to his shamelessly unfaithful lady are timeless in a way that we've come to expect from Michael Chaney. This song could easily have been written by a blues man 60 years ago, yet it's no less relevant today. "On The Brink" hints at a Ramones influence, but really it's vintage Brad Marino hard-driving rock n' roll. That "things are changin', and I'm on the brink" refrain is gonna be stuck in my head for weeks! To finish, the Chaney-penned "Special Friend" has that Dave Edmunds type feel that should appeal to any fan of Marino's bands. Again, that guitar work is smokin'!

What I'll say about this four track attack is that none of 'em are throwaways! All four of these songs are top-notch rockers. And serving as his own rhythm section, Marino more than holds his own. Even when you already play in the best band in the world, I think it has to be super fun to go into the studio and make a record that's entirely yours. I was definitely keen on the idea of a Brad Marino solo record, and Four Track Attack does not disappoint. I dare Mick Jagger to make a solo record this good! 


Friday, June 22, 2018

Moron's Morons - Indecent Exposure

With releases now on both No Front Teeth Records and Slovenly Recordings, Moron's Morons are rapidly ascending to the forefront of the modern-day garage punk scene. I'm a fan of almost anything having to do with the great nation of Poland, and this band is no exception. Honestly, I've loved this Warsaw-based outfit since I first learned the singer was named Philo Phuckphace. The dude is a first-rate screamer! He's joined by drummer Turd Awesome, guitarist John Pauly Shore II, bassist Debbie Lee Moron, and lead guitarist Lance Romance. Issued on Slovenly this month, Indecent Exposure is the band's second EP and first American release. If you're on the Make Garage Punk Trashy Again bandwagon like I am, these four tracks will be music to your ears. I'm talking fast, wild, and gloriously unwholesome noise played savagely and recorded cheaply. What more could you possibly desire? This definitely falls on the Reatards/Sick Thoughts side of the garage punk spectrum, and that's exactly what we need more of these days. If you're so inclined, you can read the song lyrics over at the Moron's Morons Bandcamp. I'll just warn you that they're not for the faint of heart. Would you expect anything else from a band that writes a song called "Devil Sucks My Cock and Swallows" (sure to be the feelgood hit of the summer!)? You can probably surmise that "Rate Your Teacher" is not an ode to instructional excellence. "SS Girls" seems to be a live recording, but it's hard to tell since there's almost zero drop-off in fidelity. That pretty much sums up what makes Moron's Morons so great. If you like the idea of '90s garage punk, GG Allin, and Killed By Death comps all rolled into one, this is the band for you. Play loud and make the neighbors very uncomfortable!


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trash Culture - Just A Ride

I love it when a band describes itself far more profoundly than I ever could. London's Trash Culture says it's "playing music because we have to, for if we don't we will kill our work colleagues". That's brilliant, and I don't doubt those words for a second! On its debut release, Trash Culture tears into eight tracks of fantastically pissed-off punk rock. Cunha on lead vocals sounds like he's fed up with everything and everyone, and for damn sure we're all gonna hear about it! (You can surmise that "I Wanna Die" is not a ballad). Musically, this is just straight-up ripping punk that recalls everyone from the Zero Boys to Anti-Nowhere League to the Dead Boys to GG Allin. Cunha is a real deal screamer, and these are songs you'll want to shout along with loudly while you pogo into the night. Ben Perrier from Los Pepes recorded and mixed this album, and it sounds crackling! Trash Culture likes to joke about being the opening band that nobody gets to see, but I have a feeling they'll be ascending to headliner status in short order. Here's hoping they someday come to the States and play with The Hot LZ's. Imagine the havoc they'd wreak!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Firestarter - First Album and Livin' On The Heat

Can you believe it has been 18 years since Firestarter released its debut album? That was a release that helped define punk/powerpop as the genre we know today. That and the band's 2003 followup Livin' On The Heat are stone cold classics - two of the greatest albums released this century. Would you have expected anything less from 3/4 of Teengenerate? In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Firestarter, Secret Mission Records has re-released both of the band's albums on vinyl. The bummer is that the label has already sold out of copies of the self-titled album (although you still might be able to snag it from some distributors). And supplies of the Livin' On The Heat reissue are very limited! If you're a huge fan of modern day punk/powerpop and have somehow never heard Firestarter, you at the very least need to acquire the digital versions of both albums. This is the first time that these two LPs have been released outside of Japan, and it seems only right that a whole new generation of punk and power pop fans will have the chance to enjoy them.

Given that the marriage of garage punk and power pop is so common today, it can be easy to forget that it wasn't always that way. Along side the Marked Men (Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke have remastered these two albums for vinyl), Firestarter paved the way for a new era of hooky but still tough as hell punk music. Listening today, I'm struck by how well both Firestarter albums have held up. It's a wonderful thing that Secret Mission has brought this essential music back into circulation. Move fast if you want a vinyl copy of Livin' On The Heat!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds

You know what I love about being into music in the digital age? There are so many ways to hear cool tunes. That's why I don't waste a single second bitching about mainstream music. Who cares what they're playing on commercial radio? You can go onto The Internet anytime you want and hear totally rippin' music. In particular, Internet radio is thriving. One of the best programs going is Alex Kish on Wassup Rocker Radio out of Toledo, Ohio. WRR plays the best in garage rock, punk, glam rock, and rock n' roll. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who likes the music I cover on this blog. You can listen every night of the week on various Internet radio outlets or stream/download episodes at your convenience. Today I'm featuring a very special project from Wassup Rocker Radio: a free digital compilation featuring 32 of the hottest bands from the world of punk/powerpop/garage. It's called Sick Sounds, and it is stacked with killer tunes! Check out this lineup: The Connection, Geoff Palmer, Brad Marino, Devious Ones, Lucy and the Rats, Küken, The Crazy Squeeze, Teenage Frames, Criminal Kids, Faz Waltz, BBQT, Gino and the Goons....and that's not even the half of it! This is a great way to snag some free tracks from a whole lot of amazing bands. And perhaps, like me, you'll discover some groups you've not heard before. After hearing The Matt Truman Ego Trip, Black Heartbreakers, and The Exbats for the first time, I will surely have a lot more to say about those bands going forward!

If you buy a ton of music, you might already have a lot of these songs in your digital collection. Otherwise, Sick Sounds is a great way to sample some of the truly excellent punk, garage, and rock n' roll music that's out there right now. And the Gino and the Goons track "Lay With Me" is previously unreleased! This compilation also gives you a good idea of the type of stuff you'll hear if you tune into Wassup Rocker Radio. Check out the WRR web site or Facebook page for lots more info!


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Please Stop! - Built To Die

How about a full-length album on a 7"? Is such a thing even possible? If I had any doubts, Please Stop! has erased them entirely. 11 songs clocking in at just a tick under 13 minutes is absolutely an album in my book. So let it be said that Built To Die is the debut full-length from this Midwestern punk powerhouse. It follows last year's superb EP Power Suit and Dead Bodies, and it's out on No Front Teeth Records. Call it hardcore punk, call it snotty punk, call it whatever you like. This is some of the fiercest, smartest, and most ripping punk music you could ever hope to hear. And while no punk group is better at hitting you in the mouth with its music, Please Stop! is first and foremost a band with something to say. The lyrics on this release are remarkable. They're provocative, often unsettling, and open enough to interpretation to really make you think. A lot of these songs can be seen as social commentary - but not in a way that's obvious or heavy-handed. Staysee, as always, is a force of nature on the mic. Her vocals are the perfect combination of pissed-off, crazed, and just straight-up bad-ass. And her bandmates match her power and fury at every turn. Songs like the title track and "Faults" deliver a jolt like only the best hardcore punk can. "Born Again" and "Kill That Thing" slow the pace just a little but are equally bruising and doubly menacing. Man, Danimal sure knows how to get a raging sound on his guitar!

If you're looking to hear what's great in punk music in 2018, Please Stop! is one of the first bands you need to check out. Power Suit and Dead Bodies was a formidable debut, and Built To Die is even better. I'm amazed at how this band can pack so much substance into songs that rarely run much longer than a minute. Each of these 11 tracks hits you quick but definitely leaves an impression. Punk rock with power, intelligence, and a relentless fighting spirit is something we will always need more of. Built To Die is available in two versions from No Front Teeth: a standard edition and a limited edition with a translucent sleeve. Get on it!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Speedways - Just Another Regular Summer

And just like that, The Speedways have come and gone! This band was by design a one-off project. They made an album, played one show, and that was that. But if you're only going to make one album, it ought to be as good as Just Another Regular Summer! The Speedways was Matt Julian from The Breakdowns going for a classic power pop sound. Power pop was certainly a huge influence on The Breakdowns as well. But with The Speedways, Julian laid the glam and punk influences to the side and concentrated purely on the pop. On this album, he plays guitar, bass, and keyboards and performs all of the vocals. His old band mate Dec Burns is along for the ride on drums. Lyrically, this album is full of classic power pop themes like heartbreak, longing, and unrequited love. Basically Just Another Regular Summer is an album for power pop purists, and it's an exceptional one at that.

I have mixed feelings about this being the last Speedways release. On one hand, that's kind of a bummer. But on the other hand, I feel like this is such a perfect power pop album that it would be pointless to try and top it. Julian wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel here. This album is a tip of the cap to the timeless sounds of '70s guitar pop, recalling everyone from 20/20 to Tom Petty to Elvis Costello to the Paul Collins Beat. With his songwriting honed in on tuneful melodies, hook-laden choruses, and poignant lyrics, Julian comes off like someone who was born to create this kind of music. "In Common With You" sounds like a lost AM radio hit from the days of my youth, while "Don't Tell Me" could have come out of the American heartland 40 summers ago. And even though this is a digital release, it has the feel of a vinyl record. The title track and "Reunion In the Rain" conclude their respective "sides" in gut-wrenching, highly dramatic fashion.

Just Another Regular Summer is everything you could want from a classic power pop album. Julian sure knows how to write a catchy tune, but at a deeper level he just "gets" what this type of music is all about. Almost all of us have known heartbreak, and almost all of us have continued to put ourselves in its line of fire. That's part of the human condition, and that's why love songs will never go out of style. I have to chuckle when people dismiss songs about human relationships as "lightweight". Come on, what could be less lightweight? There will always be great worth in music like this, and kudos to The Speedways for carrying it off so splendidly.