Saturday, November 06, 2021

The Shang Hi Los - "Plymouth Rock"

Just as I was searching for a new song to add to my Thanksgiving playlist, The Shang Hi Los and Rum Bar Records have come through! Okay, so maybe "Plymouth Rock" isn't exactly a Thanksgiving song. It concerns a different kind of pilgrimage from the one they teach in school -- from the puritanical suburbs of the South Shore to the welcoming haven of Boston's music clubs. It's a song about finding acceptance and finding yourself, and it's the latest smash hit from a foursome that is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands out there. Co-written by singer/guitarists Jen D’Angora and Dan Kopko and featuring lyrics and lead vocals by D’Angora, "Plymouth Rock" is probably The Shang Hi Los' most "pop" track yet. And you know I'm not complaining! This is a throwback punky power pop tune that totally hits the sweet spot for me. The guitars pack a serious punch, the melodies are undeniable, and D’Angora totally crushes the vocal! With its sing-along hook "We were young/And didn't belong", this is an anthem that will strike a chord even with folks who have no personal connection to Boston. I'm not denying that I sometimes enjoy this song with a side of pumpkin ale, but "Plymouth Rock" is truly a song for all seasons. It will appear on the Shangs' debut album due out in the spring. Oh man, I can't wait!

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