Saturday, November 27, 2021

Radio Days/Psychotic Youth - Psychotic Radio

Now here is a true dream team-up! Out on Snap!! Records, Psychotic Radio finds legendary power pop group Psychotic Youth joining forces with power pop legends in the making Radio Days! The concept is simple: each band presents a cover of one of the other's songs along with a brand-new original number. Not only are these two of the greatest bands in the contemporary power pop universe -- they're also big fans of each other. Radio Days covers Psychotic Youth's "Mercy" from 1994's Pop. Psychotic Youth covers Radio Days' "Tomorrow" from 2008's Midnight Cemetery Rendezvous. Both bands do fine jobs of shining a light on somewhat overlooked tracks from each others' catalogs. The original songs are also well worth checking out. Radio Days' "1998" is tuneful guitar pop with a splendid soft touch. Dario Persi sure knows how to craft a gorgeous melody! Psychotic Youth's "Love Is Dead" is a Jorgen Red Westman specialty: the sort of song you put on when you can't decide whether you want to cry over your broken heart or get up and dance. 

Limited to 400 copies on grimace purple vinyl, Psychotic Radio is a special treat for power pop fans. It's a joy to hear these two titans of the genre paying tribute to one another. And if this release inspires you to dig deeper into both bands' discographies, that's all the better! For ordering information, hit up

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