Thursday, December 10, 2020

Jiffy Marx - "She's My Witch"

Jiffy Marx (of Autogramm, Black Rice, Blood Meridian, Hard Drugs, etc.) has just released his first solo record. It's very much up my alley...and probably yours as well! Out on Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings, this single possesses the power pop attributes you'd expect from the Autogramm guitarist. But while Autogramm draws from the synth pop and new wave sounds of the early '80s, this pair of songs takes it fully back to the '70s. Marx tracked these songs with Seattle band Bread and Butter - pals of his and true kindred spirits in a musical sense as well. "She's My Witch" is a catchy little toe-tapper with a glittery pub rock and roll feel. It clocks in at just a hair over two minutes and is definitely at home on a label that promises snappy little numbers. All across the continent, the kids proclaim that it's got a good beat and you can dance to it! "Warning Sign" is a little more straight forward power pop/punk. This melancholic, melody-driven number is a perfect complement to the pure energy of the A-side. All in all, this is a fine solo debut from Jiffy Marx. It ought to appeal to fans of his previous bands, but it finds him branching out as an artist and songwriter. I'm excited to hear more!

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