Thursday, December 24, 2020

Hayley and the Crushers - "Church of Flag"

I've been so immersed in work lately that I did not notice until yesterday that a brand-new Hayley and the Crushers cassingle came out four days ago! My god, I'm losing my touch! "Church of Flag" is the new song - a tune the band loved so much that it recorded it twice! "Church of Flag" is a song about growing old and still holding on to the ideals of punk rock. Now that's a subject that is near and dear to the hearts of a lot of us. As I rapidly approach the big 5-0, this song really strikes a chord with me. I'll grant you that it's been a long time since I've looked the part. But in spirit, I'm still that same punk rocker kid who started doing zines decades ago. I can remember the first time I heard a Black Flag tape, and it seems like only yesterday! 

Needless to say, "Church of Flag" is one of the "punkest" tracks Hayley and the Crushers have ever done. And I love it! It captures the excitement of first discovering punk rock and how you may or may not hold on to that feeling as you grow up and grow old. That's a timeless theme in our world, and "Church of Flag" will be tremendously inspiring to all of you who are still keeping the faith. Hayley sings lead on the A-side. And then, in a rare lead vocal appearance, Dr. Cain sings the same song on the B-side. Who sang it better? If I took a position, I would surely be courting controversy. So I'll just say I love both versions. With the cassette single being limited to a small amount of copies, I figured it was my civic duty to get this thing reviewed ASAP! Hayley and the Crushers kicked off 2020 so auspiciously with the release of the incredible album Vintage Millennial. Now after much hardship and despair, the year ends on an uplifting note with another joyful release from the Crusherverse. Things can only get better!

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