Friday, December 18, 2020

Classic Ruins - Forget About It

Well this is kind of a big deal! Boston garage rock and roll legends Classic Ruins have released their first new album since 1989! Out on Rum Bar Records, Forget About It features a handful of new songs along with some assorted odds and ends of recent vintage. I suppose you could say that this album is heavily "padded". Five of nine tracks are covers, and three of those are instrumentals. But after 31 years, I'll gladly take a new Classic Ruins record any way it comes. And besides, the covers are all really great! It's been a running joke of mine that Malibu Lou will eventually add every great Boston garage/rock and roll band to his roster. But in all seriousness, he seems to be well on his way! Outside of the Real Kids and Dogmatics, it does not get any more "Boston" than Classic Ruins! And Forget About It is vintage Classic Ruins. Penned by longtime singer/guitarist Frank Rowe, the title track and "Little OCD" are quintessential shots of bar band rock and roll with a garage edge. "Cheap Champagne", written and performed by Jeff Crane, is in a similar vein. This is Classic Ruins doing what Classic Ruins have always done so well: dishing out rockin', hook-laden tunes that worship at the altar of the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, and everything in between. Labelmate Tom Baker will surely approve! Highlights of the cover selections include the Larry Williams classic "Bad Boy", Link Wray's "Rawhide", and the 1958 Jerry Byrne side "Lights Out" - written by Dr. John before he was Dr. John! And if you've always wanted to hear a surf instrumental version of "Please Please Me", your time has come. Whether you're a Boston music fanatic or just a lover of old school rock and roll, you just can't go wrong with Forget About It.


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