Friday, December 04, 2020

Vista Blue - "Nobody Told Me It Was Christmas"

Every year I make my most conscious effort to not over-do my Christmas related posts out of consideration for those of you who aren't into Christmas music (or into Christmas at all). I figure 1 or 2 reviews is alright, and 3 is pushing it. I already hit my quota before Thanksgiving, but the arrival of a new Christmas single from Vista Blue was a total game-changer. I will never pass up the chance to write about Vista Blue. Plus I owe this to Mike since I jinxed LSU's football season. Quotas be damned! Heck, I just might turn this blog into an international hub for holiday-themed music. You know Groundhog Day is right around the corner! "Nobody Told Me It Was Christmas" is a really neat Christmas song. Written by Rusty Spell, this is not your usual overtly cheerful salute to the season. Depending on how you interpret it, this song could be construed as either funny/ironic or slightly sad. It's hard to really tell since Mike always sings with such complete sincerity. In typical Vista Blue fashion, this song features memorable lyrics (good job, Rusty!) and melodies that will get in your head before you even know what hit you. The B-side, "I Don't Wanna Go Anywhere This Christmas", just might be the definitive Christmas song of 2020. Don't let the title fool you into thinking that Vista Blue are getting Scroogey on us. This song is very much in the spirit of the season - but with an emphasis on celebrating at home with our loved ones. Ditching the office Christmas party so you can watch Home Alone with your sweetheart is an absolute no-brainer! I especially like the line about extending this practice all the way through New Year's. I believe I've found my personal anthem! This single is a free download from Bandcamp. And if you just still get enough Christmas from Vista Blue, check out the band's new Christmas collection on Spotify!

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