Thursday, December 24, 2020

Phone Jerks - "Christmas on the Floor"

Here's an appropriate post for a Christmas Eve! But honestly, a new Phone Jerks release is like a holiday onto itself! !Christmas on the Floor! is the fruit of Phone Jerks' first recording session in nearly two years. The title track is an E-Jerk original about going on a Christmas bender. The song is a classic jolt of garage punk with a '50s rock and roll touch. Those lead guitars are hot, and there's just no denying that Emily has one of the coolest voices in all of punk rock. Even if you have no interest in Christmas music whatsoever, you can just choose to view this as a song about drinking. As I see Santa passed out under the tree, I can only say that a man deserves a drink or two after delivering packages for 42 hours straight. On the "flip side", "Let's Go" is a cover of the pub punk classic by The Reducers - a song that Phone Jerks were destined to record eventually. And they sure do it justice! All in all, this is a wonderfully pleasing Phone Jerks "comeback" (ha ha). Kudos to Andrew Farrell and James O'Toole for their fine work in the production of this recording. This is what budget rock is supposed to sound like! In the spirit of the season, this single is free. So go grab it and play it tonight as you get into the holiday spirit (or better yet, get into the holiday spirits).

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