Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Radioactivity - "Erased"

For its 50th release, Wild Honey Records has something really special for you! "Erased" is the first new song from Radioactivity since its 2015 LP Silent Kill. The band did release the "Infected" single on Wild Honey in 2017, but that contained a pair of songs that were intentionally left off of the album. These songs are literally hot off the presses - having just been completed August 22nd! "Erased" was written after Radioactivity finished recording Silent Kill, and it definitely picks up where the album left off. It features that melancholic style of songwriting that we've come to expect from Jeff Burke, but it damn sure rocks hard! The song is driven by a tough, punchy riff that contrasts perfectly with its bittersweet melodies. The balance between the punk and pop here is just right! On the flip, "Fear" is a song that Burke wrote way back in 2011 when he was living in Japan. Although it dates back to his days with Radioactivity precursors The Novice, it actually fits Radioactivity better. It's dark and reminiscent of the Buzzcocks - the kind of stinging moody number that Burke should never stop writing. And I sure dig that guitar solo!

"Erased" is available in two limited edition versions: one green and one pink. Artwork is by English artist Jami Morrison. Move fast if you want a copy!


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