Monday, September 23, 2019

Nervous Jerk - 1994

I've had a 25-year "career" in reviewing records, but it honestly feels like it was only yesterday when I started. That's especially the case when I hear a band like Nervous Jerk, who remind me so much of the bands that made me want to start writing about punk music in the first place. This New Zealand trio plays a straight-forward style of punk rock that's both catchy and totally ballsy. New EP 1994 features three up-tempo numbers that absolutely rip but still lend themselves to singing along. I recommend checking out the video for the title track, as the inclusion of the lyrics really helps you get to the deeper meaning of the song. All in all, this is a super fun record. I might describe it as pop-punk that can be enjoyed even by people who don't like pop-punk. This is easily one of my favorite newer punk groups of the moment. Whatever is in that Aussie air appears to be spreading east!