Monday, July 29, 2019

The Sorels - self titled debut EP

What could be more exciting than a double debut?! This one in particular is worthy of an international celebration! Here we have the debut 7" from Winnipeg glam rock and roll trio The Sorels as well as the first-ever release from exciting new label Reta Records. This single is a co-release with the always fantastic Surfin' Ki Records, so you ought to know to expect something pretty great! The Sorels immediately become my favorite band from Winnipeg and perhaps even all of central Canada! "She's In The Gang" is an instant smash of '60s girl group pop by way of the Ramones and New York Dolls. I can't get this song out of my head, and I wouldn't want to even if I could! It's got an infectious beat, a whole lot of rockin' lead guitar, an irresistible sing-along hook, and even some killer piano to boot. And how about that bad-ass lead vocal?! This is just great rock and roll that follows in the footsteps of everyone from the Shangri-Las to The Runaways to the Bobbyteens to Baby Shakes to The Shanghais. It's certainly right at home on the Surfin' Ki roster, and it also gives you a great idea of what Reta Records is going to be all about! On the flip, "School Girl Blues" is more of a straight-up glam rocker with a ton of swagger and riffs for days. If you dig Suzi Quatro or more recent bands like BBQT and Furies, you're gonna flip for this one! This single leaves me wanting more - from both The Sorels and Reta Records! Official release date is on Wednesday, so hop on over to the Reta Records Bandcamp page or the Surfin' Ki store if you'd like to reserve a copy on blue or transparent red vinyl. No dilly-dallying, kids. This thing is gonna go FAST!


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