Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Pavid Vermin - Jump, Jive, And Fail

Well here's a band I can pretty much guarantee you've never heard of before - because it did not exist prior to this spring! Pavid Vermin is actually the name of a one-man project completed by the talented Rhode Island musician Glenn Robinson. It all started when Robinson did some lo-fi recordings in his basement earlier this year. He thought they sounded cool but doubted that they were of a high enough recording quality to merit a proper release. For fun, he decided to share one of the tracks via a story on his hilarious Instagram Obscurist Vinyl. The next thing you know, Pavid Vermin was getting fan mail from Mikey Erg and an offer from the wonderful Bloated Kat Records to do a full album. So Robinson wrote a bunch of songs in just a few weeks, and now Pavid Vermin is a real band with a real CD on a real label! And Jump, Jive, And Fail is honestly one of the best things I've heard all year! Robinson has always had a knack for writing really good poppy punk and power pop songs. But with this particular release, the lo-fi approach complements his voice and style of the songwriting in a way that could not be more perfect. What results is a really cool blend of pop-punk, power pop, and indie pop. I'd say Mikey Erg's admiration definitely falls into the category of "great minds think alike"! This is just great catchy punk with a truckload of memorable hooks and just the right amount of DIY charm. It's definitely at home on the same label that has released the likes of House Boat, Lipstick Homicide, and Science Police. If you're into the lo-fi end of pop-punk, you're gonna LOVE this album! Digital release is a name your price download, and the CD can be had for just $8 plus shipping!



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