Saturday, June 01, 2019

Lucy and the Rats - "Stick To You"

How about a new Lucy and the Rats 7" co-released by the splendid Surfin' Ki and Stardumb Records! You know that's gotta be good! But here's the surprise twist: for this release, Lucy Ellis has handed lead vocal duties over to guitarist Joe Tolosa! With Tolosa (Johnny Throttle, Los Perros) taking his turn on the mic, the band takes on a slightly different identity. Its previous output has been pretty much pure power pop. "Stick To You" leans more towards old school poppy punk. The one-sheet mentions Teenage Head & The Boys, and I won't argue with that at all. We all love Lucy, but Joey proves to be a really cool singer in his own right! This an upbeat, high energy number with killer lead guitar and a beat that ought to get your toes tapping. I dig! On the flip, "True Romance" is a perfect example of how to do pop-punk and still make it totally rock. It has that "classic Stardumb Records" feel to it that seems appropriate given that particular label's involvement. If you like a sound that's equal parts pop, punk, and rock n' roll, this one ought to hit the spot for you. I don't think any fans need to worry that Lucy has retired from fronting the Rats. But if you have two good singers in your band, why not take advantage of that? Like the band's previous singles, this one is absolutely essential. Order the vinyl from the links below. Digital release is through Dirty Water Records!


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