Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jacques Le Coque - Positively...

One of the catchiest records of the year comes to us from Stamford, Connecticut's Jacques Le Coque! Positively... is the band's new album on King Pizza Records - its first since 2015's Hooky. This album, like the last one, has a carefree teenage rock n' roll vibe to it that will make you wanna blow off school and get high. If you dig modern-day garage-pop a la Nobunny or New Swears along with the power pop stylings of bands like The Whiffs, this album should be right up your alley. Where I really give Jacques Le Coque points is in the songwriting department. These definitely guys have the tunes - and I love how they clearly draw so much from the classic sounds of the '60s pop. Opening track "Getaway Car" is rockin' power pop done to perfection - bringing to mind the aforementioned Whiffs or the late, great Exploding Hearts. "Tip of My Tongue" is propelled by a guitar hook worth its weight in gold. "Pretty Penny" would not sound out of place on your local oldies station. "Bead On You" is chock full of glammy/punky goodness. "I Only Want To Rock & Roll" is a bona fide mission statement and one hell of a way to close out an album.

Positively... is positively fun and ought to be cranked at maximum volume at your next house party or while you're driving with your friends in search of a good time. But don't let the silly band name fool you - these guys are talented songwriters who've done their homework on the history of guitar pop. When it comes to garage pop bands in 2018, Jacques Le Coque is up there with the very best of 'em!



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