Thursday, October 04, 2018

Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band

Should Vanilla Poppers be considered Aussie punk or Cleveland punk? Perhaps they are both - which would explain the innate awesomeness of this four piece hardcore punk outfit! Melbourne transplant Christina Pap is a first class screamer on lead vocals, and every word that comes out of her mouth is one you fully believe. Meanwhile, Jo Coone has captured the ideal guitar tone for aggressive punk music. It's raw and dirty, but man it sure hits hard! Out now on the ever-dependable Drunken Sailor Records, new EP I Like Your Band follows an LP from last year, an EP from 2016, and a demo from 2015. There's no messing around on these four tracks: just straight-up ferocious punk rock that hits you right in the mouth. Early '80s hardcore is a clear frame of reference, and the band wears its Midwestern grit like a badge of honor. If you're seeking honesty, conviction, and full-on raging intensity in your punk music, look no further. Crackling stuff!


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