Tuesday, March 01, 2016

New Radiohearts 7"!

Another  7" from Radiohearts already?! This must be my lucky year! Arriving hot on the heels of the excellent No Front Teeth issued Lot To Learn EP, Tell You is yet another collaboration with the world's finest punk rock record label. And very quickly, Radiohearts are positioning themselves to become the new kings of '77 punk/powerpop! This Long Beach foursome continues to throw it back to a time when first wave punk bands and skinny tie power pop groups were truly kindred spirits - and writing a song with a hook didn't make you any less "punk". The title track combines the best elements of bands like Generation X with hints of more recent greats like the Dimestore Haloes. It's a short and punchy number that totally leaves me wanting more - and I love how the song ends in a flurry of melodic lead guitar. What a great touch! I can't decide if this song is the "hit" of the record or if the honor should go to "My Heart Has An Obituary". It doesn't get any catchier than the latter - a song that suggests what might have happened if Pete Shelley had written lyrics for Moral Crux.

Tell You is by far the best Radiohearts release to date - and proof that it is possible to combine punk and pop in a way that fully honors both. From the songwriting to the guitar tone to the lead vocals to the bass lines, this band just hits all the right notes. With four outstanding EPs in the books, Radiohearts ought to be due for a proper album. Let's hope it happens!



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