Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another killer Raydios 7"!

In a review last summer, I dared to pose the question of whether or not The Raydios are approaching the greatness of Teengenerate. My verdict was something along the lines of "The signs point to yes." And now, in the wake of yet another fantastic single from The Raydios, I'm all in. For real! In my humble opinion, The Raydios are making records right now that stack up with the best of Teengenerate. If you think I've lost my mind, I am perfectly okay with that. Teengenerate was arguably the greatest band of the '90s. But The Raydios are absolutely on fire right now, and I highly advise snagging their recent output while it's still in print!

"Craps", the latest Raydios single, came out on Secret Mission Records at the end of 2015. 500 copies were pressed, and very few remain. This release continues the direction taken on last year's "Brand New Kid" 7". Basically, Fink has taken that jolt of energy he got from playing those Teengenerate reunion shows and injected it into the music of The Raydios. For me, the band is hitting the best of both worlds: the wild and trashy spirit of Teengerate meets classic '70s punk a la Ramones/Dictators. If you've previously dismissed The Raydios as sounding too "tame" in comparison to Teengenerate, "Craps" ought to change your mind. It's a ripper! And B-side "Teacher's Pet" is vintage Raydios: chock full of hooks, yet super tough. 

Hit up Secret Mission Records to grab a copy of "Craps" while the getting's good. And if you still don't own The Raydios "Brand New Kid"" 7" on Slovenly Recordings, you need that one as well! Don't miss out on one of the best punk rock bands on the planet!


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