Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meet The Spectres!

Who's up for some really good garage stuff?! The Spectres are a two-piece out of Pittsburgh who recently issued a demo you can download for free or purchase on cassette. Sometimes when you hear "demo", you expect garbage fidelity and a lot of songs that might be considered "works in progress". But What Will It Be is not that kind of demo. For a garage release, I'd say this is an album-quality offering. Is it raw? Of course it is. But that's the whole point! And what really sets The Spectres apart is that these two know how to write good, rockin' tunes. With one guy playing guitar and the other playing guitar and drums, this is a duo that actually sounds like a full band! Style-wise, Dan and James recall both classic '60s garage rock and the lo-fi garage punk of a more recent vintage - with some instrumental surf thrown in for good measure. Tracks like "Loving Touch" and "My My My" are high quality blasts of Nuggets/Back From The Grave type action, while "I Want Her So" and "I Know" suggest '90s budget rock with a late '50s/early '60s rock n' roll influence. "I Still Want You" brings to mind a trashed-out Dion and the Belmonts - something really freaking cool in my book! These guys hope to enter a studio in the near future to record some new tunes and perhaps re-record a few songs off this demo. If What Will It Be is any indication, a proper release from The Spectres is definitely something to look forward to in 2015. These fellas do garage rock right! And it's always great to see cool bands representing for my home state!


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