Friday, May 23, 2014

New one from The Connection!

The Connection is back! F & L favorites from the beginning, New England's newest hitmakers have managed to be both prolific and consistently great over the last few years. And that's hard to do. They've especially hit their stride recently with a rockin' sound that bridges the gaps between the British Invasion, power pop, and the almighty Ramones. Out on King Yum Records, their new single "Don't Talk To My Baby" is an absolute must-own for anyone who loves rock n' roll. Legend has it that the title track was thrilling crowds on a nightly basis on The Connection's European tour last year. So one day mid-tour, the fellas had a day off and decided to hit the studio (Warmaudio in France) and record the song along with a couple of covers they'd been playing. Knowing what I know about this song and European rock n' roll fans (they're the best!), this story makes complete sense. Who wouldn't be stoked to witness The Connection rocking out this killer tune in a sweaty Spanish barroom? And they really captured that kind of energy in the studio with "Don't Talk To My Baby" - a Real Kids/Stones style rocker with a hook to hang your hat on and hot licks galore. If this number doesn't have you itching to hit the dance floor, you might want to check yourself for a pulse!

On the B-side, Brad, Geoff, and the gang do a crackling power pop version of The Boys' classic "First Time". I've heard this song covered a few times before, and every time it just made me want to hear the original. But I really like what The Connection did with this song. They put their distinctive Connection twist on it, so it comes off kind of sweet rather than ominous. And listening to this recording, one can easily understand why this cover goes over so well in a live setting. I love their treatment of the material, and I love the energy!

"Don't Talk To My Baby" is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl. Order it now for $6, or get it along with the new Muck And The Mires 7" for a $10 bundle. As a bonus, fans can stream an unreleased second cover from the Warmaudio sessions over at The Connection's Bandcamp page - an awesome rendition of The Who's "The Kids Are Alright". Come on- what are you waiting for?!


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