Friday, May 16, 2014

Get Cozy!

I've noticed an unusually large number of bands lately channeling The Raspberries by way of Sweet and the Bay City Rollers. My reaction to such a development is that it's freakin' AWESOME! Minneapolis's Cozy are the poster boys for this movement. And I mean that literally - schoolgirls all over the globe are plastering their bedroom walls with glossy images of these denim-clad heartthrobs. "Kiss Me Dummy" is Cozy's new single on Secret Mission Records, and of course you've got to have it! I like that these guys are bringing a '90s garage punk energy back to the glam/powerpop thing. Imagine if The Rip Offs or Supercharger had played teenybopper bubblegum pop. Or better yet, imagine if The Bobbyteens had been boys. Depending on your age, "Kiss Me Dummy" will have you either reminiscing about your own clumsy teenage conquests or plotting a bold move on your favorite hottie. Like all the best teen heartthrob bands, Cozy is clean cut on the surface but so filthy dirty at its core. You can probably surmise that B-side "Show And Tell" is not a song about an elementary school activity. I've given it a great deal of thought, and I think "Show And Tell" might actually be the hit here. It's a tough call, because "Kiss Me Dummy" is pretty darn great as well. But I just can't get the hook part to "Show And Tell" out of my head. It follows me wherever I go and brings constant merriment to my mundane existence. And if Cozy can so easily enthrall a 43-year-old man, then surely your nieces and daughters don't stand a chance. Resistance, as they say, is futile.


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