Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ten O Sevens = Punk Rock!

I’ve been nuts about old English punk for a long, long time. But I’ve never kept up too well with new English punk. In 13 years of reviewing punk records, I only covered a handful of bands from the Rutledge ancestral homeland. Seems kind of odd, doesn’t it? The ones I did write about were awesome. Remember the Apocalypse Babys? The Pits? Barse? Formed in the fall of 2008, London’s Ten O Sevens represent for a new generation of English punk bands. And in this case, new English punk sounds an awful lot like old English punk! If you know me, you can guess that I have no complaints about that whatsoever! The Ten O Sevens are freakin’ bad-ass! They’ve got a classic snotty ’77 sound with a serious rock and roll accent to it. Think early Saints meets Vibrators meets Slaughter and the Dogs meets Eater. They also remind me a little of the great German punk band The Pack. These lads have two seven-inches out on No Front Teeth (including a sold-out split with The Hateful), and at least six of their songs are playable on-line. They’ve some got killer tunes. “We Are the Brigade” seems to be their anthem, but personally I’m partial to “TV 13”, the rockin’ “Gash”, and the super-fast “Unforgivable”. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for straight-up ‘77 punk. But whereas some bands try to revive the style and come off like pale imitators, there’s something undeniably legit about The Ten O Sevens. They are serious up-and-comers in the punk world and can only get better. Let’s pogo!


gunther said...

I almost burned The Pack and PVC for a friend of mine. He lived in Germany for a number of years and speaks the language fluently. Next time...

Lord Rutledge said...

I definitely need to hear more German punk. Pack and PVC are the stuff!


I absolutely covet my PACK and PVC cds and records. PVC are in my top 5 i think... well, thats what i say, but dont wanna really declare... if you know what i mean...

Lord Rutledge said...

I'd love to know your full top five, Shawn! That would be one hell of a list.

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