Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just when I thought I was out...

So this time I stayed “retired” for three and a half years. But here I am again, back to my old habits. I can’t help it. I like to review music! I suppose there are far worse things a guy could be into (pyromania, assisted suicides, Jimmy Buffett...). But if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it right. The things that drove me away from this racket on more than one occasion must be avoided at all costs. Ground rules must be set.

Rule one is that I’m only reviewing music that I like. I won’t be panning anything. I won’t be “critiquing”. Instead I’ll just rant and rave, which is really what I do best anyway. I will not be accepting promo. I will only review music I already own (of course I’ll be open to suggestions about bands I should check out). I will only be reviewing “my” niche of music – old school punk rock and its immediate variants. The quantity of reviews I write will be greatly diminished compared to the old days (which, in theory, means the quality should be better). What usually passes for “punk rock” in the year 2011 is not what I consider to be punk rock. But I’m not here to debate what is or is not punk. That’s just stupid. I’m here to spread the word about bands that I like. Occasionally I’ll wax nostalgic about old bands or make silly lists or talk about food. But generally speaking, what I’m going for here is kind of a “new generation of classic punk” angle.

My friend Kevin McGovern, in expressing his disdain for the current state of underground rock journalism, hilariously told me he couldn’t care less about “the latest Killed by Death reissue or gunk punk reunion”. I totally get what he means. I’m not saying I can do better, but I can at least offer something different. This new-fangled “modern” underground stuff just isn’t for me. I don't get my kicks off of bands who sound like orgasming robots or malfunctioning industrial machinery. I’m into the classics. I love The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Chuck Berry, the Stones, New York Dolls, and (duh!) Dictators. And I dig bands who keep that vibe alive. Stay tuned. It's gonna be fun.


gunther said...

Actually, it would be worse to be into Hysteria than Pyromania. This concludes the cheap Def Lep joke of the day.


Here here! Lets hear the sound of another notch being carved for true enthusiasm.